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Training Outcomes & Goals

  • Understand the business imperative as well as the challenges in Workforce Analytics and Planning

  • Understand the movement of talent as well as key metrics and ROI opportunity in every stage of the talent management lifecycle

  • Elements and steps to build a winning analytics business case

  • Outline elements and steps in aligning workforce to business strategy

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Section 1: The Business Imperatives for Workforce Analytics

  • 3

    Section 2: Workforce Analytics & The Talent Management Lifecycle

    • 2.1 - Section introduction and summary learning points

    • Additional links and reading materials

    • 2.2 - Linkage model and talent management lifecycle

    • Quick quiz (2.2)

    • 2.3 - Recruiting and onboarding

    • Quick quiz (2.3)

    • 2.4 - Internal mobility and career path

    • Quick quiz (2.4)

    • 2.5 - Leadership and management

    • Quick quiz (2.5)

    • 2.6 - Training and development

    • Quick quiz (2.6)

    • 2.7 - Turnover and retention

    • Quick quiz (2.7)

    • 2.8 - Performance and engagement

    • Quick quiz (2.8)

    • 2.9 - Section closing and summary learning points

    • Test your new knowledge... - Section 2 quiz

  • 4

    Section 3: Aligning Workforce to Business Strategy

    • 3.1 - Section opening and summary learning points

    • Additional links and reading materials

    • 3.2 - Why bother aligning workforce to business strategy

    • Quick quiz (3.2)

    • 3.3 - Linking workforce to business strategy

    • Quick quiz (3.3)

    • 3.4 - Building a bridge between HR and Finance

    • Quick quiz (3.4)

    • 3.5 - A step-by-step guide to link workforce to business strategy

    • Quick quiz (3.5)

    • 3.6 - Workforce strategy linkage example: Oil & Gas

    • Quick quiz (3.6)

    • 3.7 - Workforce strategy linkage example: Financial Services

    • Quick quiz (3.7)

    • 3.8 - Exercise: Linking workforce to business strategy

    • 3.9 - Section closing and summary learning points

    • Test your new knowledge... - Section 3 quiz

  • 5

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What They're Saying

Southern California Edison

Senior Business Analyst

I found this training to be largely insightful, detailed and well organized. The proctor (Jeff Higgins) was knowledgeable and provided good examples to illustrate the curriculum.

Washington Health System

Marti Clister - Director Human Resources

I don’t believe in testimonials, however this workshop more than lives up to the expectations. It was very well presented and answered many questions and created more–which is exactly what I needed on our journey in HR metrics.


Senior Vice President, HR

This course is a ‘must’ for HR professionals. The ability to ‘manage by fact’ is a key competency, not only for business units, but also for HR practitioners.

World Bank Group

Head of HR

A practical easy to follow training session on workforce analytics. I will recommend this to anyone wishing to make smarter insightful human capital decisions.


Jeff Higgins - Founder and CEO

Jeff is a global thought leader with 25 years combined workforce planning, analytics and finance experience supporting Fortune™ 500 companies. Jeff has helped organizations around the world quantify the ROI of workforce decisions and realize cost saving opportunities of up to $1.0 billion USD. Jeff is both a former senior HR executive and former CFO, and a regular speaker at HR events.

Previously, Mr. Higgins worked in finance at Johnson & Johnson, Colgate Palmolive, Klune Industries and a senior HR leader at Countrywide Financial, IndyMac Bank, and Inform, a leading analytics software co. Jeff is on the SHRM Global Standards Committee on human capital, the Center for Talent Reporting board and founding member, PwC Saratoga Institute advisory council.

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